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Valkyrie – FAQ
On this page, we’ll address many of the common questions our existing and prospective customers ask to ensure that your acquisition process is both smooth and stress free.

Main Rules Of Shipping
Where you live will be the primary factor in how long it takes for your item to arrive.
Once you place an order, it’s imperative that you send payment within 48 hours. Otherwise, you’ll have to start a fresh order. This is to ensure that shipping information is as relevant as it can be.
It’ll take:
●     Roughly 4 days for EU delivery
●     10 days on average for an item to arrive in North America
●     Around 14 days at the most for packages to reach anywhere else in the world
This is due to us having laboratories situated all over the world – the closer one of our sites is to you, the quicker you’ll be in receipt of it.

Payment Methods Accepted
We believe that every stage of your ordering process needs to be as quick and easy as possible, that’s why we offer three flexible payment methods.
You can purchase from us using:
●     Western Union
●     Moneygram
●     BitCoin
These options should cater for every user type imaginable, meaning that everybody has access to the products they deserve.

Order Discretion
You shouldn’t have to face any untoward stress when purchasing AAS online – to fulfil this ideal, we ensure that we don’t appear on your bank statement whilst simultaneously shipping your items in an unmarked package to solidify your privacy.
You’ll never have to face any awkward conversations when shopping with us.

Issues With An Order
First things first – it’s important that you sign for your order no matter what condition it arrives in. Otherwise, we simply won’t be able to process its return should there be any issues with it.
Our return addresses are necessarily false, as such, should you try to return it to the sender it will simply get lost in the system. Once signed for, take pictures of any damage and state all relevant information in regards to any issues with the order contents.
When this procedure has been adhered to, we’ll swiftly take care of the issue for you.

Track Your Order 24/7
You’ll be able to find any and all order details by logging into our site upon order completion – this will allow you to be present when it arrives; you’ll also be able to see how far away your purchase is at all times.