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The utilisation of different chemicals combined within the one regimen is no strange thing to any advanced user of these agents or even those who have spent a substantial amount of time around these people.

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Many people choose to mix different ingredients in order to augment their outcomes from their use more so than if each was used in isolation.

However, it can be tough for many of the above individuals, particularly those who are new to the use of these agents, to know which steroid mix will best suit the outcomes that you want from implementing your chosen drugs.

Despite this, knowing how to pick the best steroid mixes is an easy thing to elucidate. The key considerations that will help you make this selection include your overall aims and objectives, your history of previously using these items, your gender, and your sensitivity to the impact of each drug, whether this be desirable or undesirable.

For example, those who are beginners, female, or those who are particularly susceptible to the impact of these chemicals, would be better served to choose milder agents to make their use as efficient and as tolerable as can be.

But, more advanced users will likely need much more potent steroid injection mixes in order to elicit the same amount of relative progress as they have both adapted to the use of these agents, and come closer to their genetic limit.

So, selecting the right combination of products can be a key issue with reaping the greatest amount of benefit from these mixtures. Below, we look at some commonly reported combinations that are often used for a variety of objectives, by a variety of individuals.

List of Popular Steroid Mixes

As already discussed, the selection of a given set of agents will depend on the overall objective. With that in mind, some of the best steroid mix for bulking, as reported by users include:

  • Testosterone, Nandrolone Decanoate and Dianabol
  • Testosterone, Anadrol and Turinabol - for more intermediate or advanced users
  • Testosterone and Trenbolone - for advanced users
  • Anavar and/or primobolan - for female users

These are all steroid mixes that would elicit a relatively quick accrual in lean tissue, with a concurrent mild to moderate accumulation of fluid and adipose tissue.

So, while the above combinations would suit those looking for a boost in force and power capacity, and those looking to accrue as much lean tissue as possible within a given period, it would not emphasise tone or leanness.

Meanwhile, there is a separate mix of supplements that could be used for these objectives. But, it is worth noting that they are usually not as potent as their more rapid counterparts.

It should also be noted that a Testosterone mix will always be involved, as use of any of the other agents without this chemical will cause a drop in the amount that is naturally produced endogenously, which can then lead to deficiency-related issues quite quickly.

So, with that in mind, for those looking to instead maximise aesthetic, those close to a competitive event, or those simply looking for a higher rate of recovery or a higher mass to force output ratio, the most commonly reported steroid mixes for cutting would include combinations like:

  • Testosterone, Masteron and Anavar
  • Testosterone and Winstrol
  • Testosterone and Trenbolone - for more advanced users

While there is a large selection of mixes, it is important to note that there is no conclusively best mix due to the lack of research looking at the events associated with their use and the differential response that will likely be experienced by many users, depending on the factors discussed in the above section.

So, these mixtures will require careful consideration and thought before looking at which one you may select to implement in your chosen regime.

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